Rubber protection

Podax® F-T Fischer-Tropsch wax, a kind of methylene polymer, is a refined alkane product synthesized by coal-based Fischer-Tropsch process. With properties of high melting point, lower viscosity and good hardness, it is widely used in many industrial fields.

We provide Podax® FT wax for rubber protection. It can be used as protective agent for rubbers. After adding Podax® FT wax in rubber. it can form a even wax layer to protect rubber from cracking and aging caused by Ozone. And Podax® FT wax have good stability and weather-ability because of its medium molecular weight and wide Carbon number distribution, so it have good protection effect in both high&low temperature environments.

The following Podax® wax products are recommended for rubber protection.

Products Wax type Appearance Melting point


Needle penetration

25°C, 1/10mm

Oil content


Viscosity Saybolt Color
K-65 FT wax White powder 63-66 16 2.0-3.0 6-10 +20-25
K-70 FT wax White prills 74-77 12-14 1.0-2.0 6-10 +20-25
K-71 FT wax White powder 75-77 10-12 0.3-0.5 6-10 +20-25
K-80 FT wax White powder 78-83 7 0.1-0.3 6-8 +20-25


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