Jilin bureau held a training course on the acceptance of consumer complaints in the postal industry


In order to implement the deployment requirements of the State Postal Administration for further handling of consumer complaints, recently, Jilin Provincial Postal Administration held a training course on acceptance of consumer complaints in the postal industry, which provided training for online express enterprises above the provincial scale. More than 20 persons in charge of the customer service center of 15 enterprises, such as EMS, Shunfeng, Shentong and zhaijisheng, attended the training.
The training course reported the overall situation of grievance acceptance in the whole province from January to April 2013, analyzed the market development trend in depth, clarified the responsibility of grievance acceptance, emphasized the use of grievance resources to strengthen industry supervision, adopted case based, open-ended training mode, focused on the hot spots such as delay of Express delivery, and carried out targeted training through on-site Q & A, interactive communication and other forms.
Participating enterprises have said that through this training, everyone has a deeper understanding of the national standard of express service and the measures for the management of express market, and has made clear their responsibilities. In the future, they will earnestly implement the training spirit, further strengthen the implementation, play a good role in handling user complaints, and continuously improve the quality of express service And level.